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MÁV-START headquarter is at Budapest, its main activity is at Hungary.

The most important direct daytime international destinations are: Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia.

Important destinations of night trains are: Germany, Switzerland, Romania.

Beside the timetable-based passenger transportation, an essential part of the business policy of MÁV-START Co. is attracting passengers travelling by train for touristic motivations.

MÁV-START coaches provide comfortable journey for families of different generations. Charter trains and special coaches (seat, couchette, sleeper, restaurant and multifunction) can be ordered for inland and international destinations as well.
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Tourist-oriented trains


Since Hungary is landlocked, Lake Balaton is often called the “Hungarian Sea”. The south shore of Balaton is almost entirely built up with a continuous chain of resort towns. The largest destination in the south is Siófok, known as the “Party Capital of Hungary” (Siófok Sound), which attracts many young partygoers in the summer. Another city on the south shore is Fonyód, from where ferries take passengers across the lake to Badacsony, a popular wine region on the north shore.

Both tourists and locals enjoy travelling on the unique narrow gauge railway at Balatonfenyves (south of Balaton). The small heritage train travels 14 km with beautiful land scenery from Balatonfenyves to Somogyszentpál.

The north shore of Balaton has cooler and deeper water. The hills offer wonderful scenery and excellent wineries. The major resort towns on the north shore are Keszthely (famous Baroque-style Festetics Castle), Balatonfüred (historical bathing town), Tihany Peninsula (unique landscape, wine-region, Benedictine Abbey) and Hévíz (spa & wellness destination).

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