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Korea Railroad Corporation (Korean: 한국철도공사), promoted as KORAIL is the national railroad operator in South Korea. KORAIL operates high speed train, subway, intercity and freight trains throughout South Korea. Especially, KORAIL have developed Rail Tourism Regions in order to provide its customers with experiences in different tourist attractions located all around Korea.
Five rail tourism regions, combining unique local culture and regional rails.


A-TRAIN (Jeongseon Arirang Train):
The “A” in the train’s name comes from “Arirang”, a Korean folk song, listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Tourists can get a panoramic view of the region’s beautiful scenery through glass walls and windows.

G-TRAIN (West Gold Train):
West Gold Train takes tourists to beautiful destinations in 7 regions of the west coast. Tourists can enjoy the sunset and ocean ecology scenery. It’s also equipped with a foot bath café and Ondol-type cars, the world’s first Korean floor heating system, which allows tourists to take a rest.

V-TRAIN (Baekdu-daegan Valley Train):
V-Train is passing through valleys in Korea’s deepest mountains. It is featured with its exterior design of a white tiger in Baekdudaegan range and the interior design decorated in retro style in 1970s.

O-TRAIN (Central Inland Circle Train):
O-Train takes tourists to the beautiful nature of Korea’s central inland regions (Gangwon, Chungbuk and Gyeongbuk Provinces). The interior of O-train symbolizes beautiful four seasons.

S-TRAIN (South Coast Train):
S-Train enables tourists to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the southern coast and experience the local culture. A variety of performances and tea ceremony are also available on the train.

DMZ-TRAIN (Peace Train):
DMZ has transformed itself from the symbol of war and division into a sanctuary of pristine nature. From Seoul to Dorasan in Korea’s northern border, this very special train heals the wounds of war and promotes peace, love and unity.


KORAIL PASS: This pass provides foreigners visiting Korea with an unlimited access to the Standard Class seats of the KTX, Saemaeul, ITX, Mugunghwa and Nuriro trains and tourist trains in a fixed period of time. With a cheaper price, you can travel every place in Korea as you want but spending the least money!

RAIL+ CARD: KORAIL introduced the “Rail Plus Card,” which can be used for all modes of transportation in Korea including all kinds of trains, buses and subway by integrated management of metropolitan traffic information.

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