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FGC is a public rail operator fully owned by the regional government in Catalonia.
As a railway operator, FGC offers several tourist-related services as heritage trains, devoted trains in case of events and integrated tickets with tourist attractions like museums or monuments. FGC is also responsible for preserving rail hertitage and has several display areas and educative activities for students.


MONTSERRAT mountain rack railway and funiculars. FGC provides access to the popular sacred mountain of Montserrat with his Benedictine abbey and amazing landscapes.

VALL DE NÚRIA rack Railway and mountain resort. Vall the Núria is a privileged site at 2000 meters in the heart of the Pyrenees only reachable by the rack railway that includes a hotel a ski station and the spiritual centre of Nuria Sanctuary.

Historical trains circulate occasionally during special events, carrying vintage cars such as the saloon-car Aaffw-51, a luxury featured car with 18 seats which has historically transported relevant personalities at the highest political and cultural spheres.

“TREN DEL CIMENT”, a 3,5km former industrial railway which links the “cement museum” with the town of La Pobla de Lillet. It includes an exhibition on narrow gauge industrial railroads.

“TREN DELS LLACS”, a tourist railway on a panoramic route from Lleida, in western Catalonia. The railway line Lleida-La Pobla de Segur has connected these two Catalan cities since 1951. The journey, which goes across The Prepyrenees in Lleida till reaching La Pobla de Segur, is of more tourist kind.

The historical train is composed of diesel locomotives, 10817-10820, carry four vintage cars of the 6000 series, a cafeteria-car, where in addition to a spacious bar from which to contemplate the landscape you can find several seats with tables, and finally also incorporates a mail van.

FUNICULAR DE GELIDA, FGC operates this historical funicular on Saturdays and public holidays, which connects the urban centre of Gelida (a town in the metropolitan area of Barcelona) with its railway station.

Besides those rail services, FGC also offers specifically tourist services, including ski resorts and mountain transportation (including the two only rack railways operating in Spain)

Ski stations:

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