Sichuan province opens first interprovincial tourism train this year

Recently, with the gradual warming of the climate and the rebound of the domestic tourism market, China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group organizes trips on the themes of “Spring excursion”, “Marriage and Friendship”, “Study trip”, “Red tourism “And” Rural tourism “, etc. For different groups of tourists, these tourism products are designed from three levels: specialized “panda” trains, high speed trains and medium speed trains, with the aim of helping industry recovery. tourism.

Deyang to Wenzhou train Y137 / 6 is the first tourist train in the “Spring Railroad Tour” series. The route covers the province of Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. Stops at tourist sites line the path including the Hubei Yellow Crane Tower, Donghu Moshan Cherry Blossom Garden, Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, Huizhou Cultural Museum, Huangling in Wuyuan of Jiangxi, the imperial oven in Jingdezhen (porcelain capital), Yandang mountain in Zhejiang, and the ancient city of Nianbadu, etc. During 12 days, allowing to satisfy the desires of the tourists throughout “one trip, multisites”, this trip was well received by the senior tourists.

In order to better serve this public of senior tourists, Deyang station has strengthened prevention and control measures against COVID-19, by carrying out systems for air renewal and treatment, disinfection and prior cleaning. It has set up special accesses and secure routes with strict control of the temperature of passengers and inspection using the sanitary QR code.

This is complemented by the installation of a specific waiting area in the waiting room and it has also implemented ticket control, boarding and disembarking with the support and kindness of the staff, etc.

In addition, “Chengdu Railway International Business and Travel Group” gives priority to the lower bunk for people over 60, and doctors and tour guides have been assigned and dedicated to do a good job in service and of security. The Chengdu section equipped the train with epidemic prevention materials such as disposable masks, gloves and laser guns for temperature control; The line also benefits from emergency response teams for the prevention and control of the epidemic on board special tourist trains, made up mainly of train drivers, on-board doctors and tourist guides.

With global warming, the southwestern region of China is ushering in its first peak tourist travel season. In addition, China Railway Chengdu Group plans to open 60 special tourist trains to destinations such as Zunyi City, Xichang, Luoyang, Shijiazhuang, Zhongwei, Xi’an, etc.

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