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TrainOSE operates three types of regional rail passenger services on which include "Regular" trains , Express trains and Intercity (IC) trains in Greece.

Tourist-oriented trains

The rack train crossing Vouraikos Gorge in Peloponnese is one of the most picturesque rail trips in Greece. on a regular daily connection between the small town of Diakopto at the coast of Peloponnese and the tourist mountain village of Kalavrita, just next to the ski resort at an altitude of 2.300 m.

First time in May 2016 special events were organized by the local authorities including the train trip, exhibition of local products, presentations about the train and its history and the gorge’s eco system.

The narrow gauge line in PELOPONESE

The train connection between KATAKOLO port and OLYMPIA

The schedules of modern metric gauge line air conditioned Railbus carriages are adjusted to accommodate the schedule of the cruise ships arriving in Katakolo port. The passengers have enough time (about 2,5 hours) to visit the sites, the museum and the small city of modern Olympia before their return journey to Katakolo.

The narrow gauge little train of mountain PELION in Central Greece connecting with a narrow gauge line of 60 cm the small village of Ano Lechonia with the picturesque mountain village of Milies.