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Slovakia ZSSK


Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s. (ZSSK) is the main railway passenger operator in Slovakia with over 1500 trains operated every day and more than 77 million passengers per year. ZSSK provides transport almost the entire territory of Slovakia. Rail transport is the backbone of transport in Slovakia and you can get to cultural and natural monuments throughout Slovakia. The number of passengers using train transport is growing every year. We go by train around Slovakia comfortably, safely and ecologically.


High Tatras
The most popular tourist destination in Slovakia are High Tatras also known as the Smallest Alps of the World. The railway transport in the High Tatras includes

  • 5 km long cog-rail (OŽ) Štrba-Štrbské Pleso
  • 35 km long Tatra Electric Railway (TEŽ) connecting most popular resorts Štrbské Pleso – Starý Smokovec – Tatranská Lomnica with Poprad-Tatry train station, where travellers can change to the main railway network with trains including InterCity (Vienna)-Bratislava-Košice and SuperCity Prague-Košice.

See a commercial video on Hight Tatras:

This train system operates all-season and is mainly used by tourists to get to the resorts for skiing, hiking and wellness. All of the mentioned activities are in walking distance from respective stations.

ZSSK plans to replace railway vehicles in the High Tatras in 2020-2021 with a new generation of reliable, safe and comfortable GTW vehicles with a special design.

Attractions everywhere
Tunnels and viaducts are typical for the central Slovakia due to its mountainous terrain. 22 of the total 76 Slovakian railway tunnels are on the route from Vrútky to Banská Bystrica with the longest tunnel called „Čremošniansky“ with the length of 4,7 km. The amazing views are very attractive during summer as well as winter.

Attractive routes offering views of landscape are also connected with Banská Štiavnica - a tiny town in the central Slovakia listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Nice views and activities reachable by trains can be found also in the Orava region with its well-known castle on the rock.

In Eastern Slovakia, the city of Bardejov (UNESCO World Heritage List) and the spa Bardejovské kúpele can be reached by train.

On the route from Margecany to Červená Skala you can stop at the National park Slovak Paradise, all-season tourist destination, very popular for “photo-stop” are also Telgart and Chmarošský viaduct in this area.

Special tourist trains and offers
ZSSK also provides range of special tourist trains operating seasonally, mostly in summer in cooperation with tourist boards of different regions, e.g.:

  • Poprad-Tatry - Muszyna : seasonal train operating during weekends from High Tatras to Muszyna (Poland) popular for many natural and historical monuments in the valley of the river Poprad and Polish - Slovakian border area.
  • Medzilaborce- Lupkow/Sanok : seasonal train operating during Fridays and weekends on boarder of Eastern Slovakia and Poland. Follow the footsteps of the famous soldier Švejk or the Austrian Emperor and enjoy a scenic ride.
  • Ice express : from Košice to Telgárt – in service during winter and summer season. Very popular are the Dobšinská Ice Cave in the National Park Slovak Paradise and activities such as hiking, skiing and nordic walking.
  • Tokaj “bikexpress : seasonal tourist train operating during summer weekends from Košice to to the famous wine region Tokaj with a large number of bike routes.
  • Záhoráčik – biketrain : seasonal (04-10/year) tourist "bike" train in western Slovakia - very popular for hike/bike communities from Bratislava

“Slovak tickets“ are a seasonal summer offer. One ticket=usable on whole railway network


First horse-powered railway was opened in 1840 on Slovak territory during the times of Austro-Hungarian Empire and the first steam-powered railway started operating in 1848.

Slovakia is also popular for its narrow-gauge historical railways:

Historical trains can be admired in the Museum of Liptov Village Pribylina, Museum of Transport in Bratislava or Railway Museum in Bratislava. Armoured train from 2nd World War is to be seen in Zvolen and in the external exposition of the Slovak National Uprising Museum.


ZSSK – Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a.s.
Address: Rožňavská 1, 832 72 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: +4224818111, +421910838758